OCTOBER – 2017

Dear Friends,

Peggy and I ended our church reporting for this short furlough in California and headed for Colorado on September 20th to spend the last couple of weeks in the States with our families. After an overnight stay on the road, we received a call that Dave’s mother, Opal, had suddenly gone home to be with the Lord. These last weeks have been filled with a mixture of emotions; and when we left for Chile, our hearts were heavy to leave Dave’s Dad there at the airport even as we looked forward to arriving back to our South American home.

We arrived in Santiago last Thursday, and our dear brothers and sisters in Christ have welcomed us with much love and encouragement. This week began with great services at the Bible Baptist Church of La Reina. Pastor Hugo and the congregation are working hard on a special month of evangelism, and there have been very positive results. On Monday, we were happy to meet with a wonderful young missionary family to Argentina. They were in Santiago to complete some important paperwork in the American Embassy, and we are happy that we will be able to help them complete their task in the days to come. Tuesday Dave began to teach classes on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit at the Bible Baptist Church of Macul, with a class of about 35 students. In the near future we will be taking a couple of trips to visit our churches in the south to preach, teach and encourage wherever we can.

Please continue to pray with us about the following requests:

• The La Reina church has once again had to deal with the expropriation of the property for the highway that is to pass through the area, and we are praying and trusting God to protect our congregation and allow us to continue to minister in that neighborhood.

• We continue to work on the project of helping the five remaining churches that are in the name of the Baptist Bible Corporation into their own corporate names. All but one of the churches have acquired their papers, and we are working hard to go through the legal channels to transfer their properties over as soon as possible. This requires time, patience and money. Friends, this is the last step that we need to take as missionaries to make these churches completely independent from any outside organization. It is very important, and we are truly grateful for your prayers for wisdom and provision to finish this task.

Thank you for your prayers, for your encouragement and for your support.