Dear Friends,

There are so many things to report to you about since our June prayer letter!


  • Dave had his second cataract surgery on June 8th, and is doing very well adjusting to his “new eyes”.
  • The results of Dave’s biopsies taken in June for skin cancer indicated the need for further intervention, so on July 11th he had a second procedure to remove the melanoma. At this time, we believe that this procedure took care of the situation.


  • We want to thank our sending church, First Baptist Church of Englewood, and our Pastor, Clifton Mizer, for inviting us to be this year’s Missionary Family at the Silver State Baptist Youth Camp here in Colorado. It is an incredible experience to work with Bro. Jimmy Carter, Camp Director, and with the great camp staff.  Everyone did an amazing job throughout the eight weeks.
  • Pastor Mizer also invited us to bring Pastor Gary Yantén and his family to work with us at the camp, and it was wonderful! So many young people were able to see first-hand what God can do in the lives of people around the world through obedience to the Great Commission.  Missionary Dave and Pastor Gary preached and shared missions each day in the Hillside Classes.  Pastor Gary has a very moving testimony on how the providence of God can lead His servants to people who are prepared to receive the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior.
  • It was a huge blessing to hear powerful messages from several faithful preachers from churches throughout the United States. We don’t know exactly how many responded to the Word of God throughout the summer, but those records that were received indicate the following:
    • Professions of Faith: 95
    • Christian Service: 16 – (Six of these young folks were actually camp workers who surrendered to be Pastors or Missionaries!)
    • Surrendered Life to the Lord: 12
    • Rededication: 6
  • On weekends throughout the camp season, we traveled to ten different churches in three states with the Yantén family to report on the work in Chile and to encourage the folks in missions. We were very well received, and we are grateful to everyone for their hospitality.

Return to Chile:

  • Pastor Gary and his family returned to Chile on August 24th, and their church received them with a heartfelt welcome celebration!
  • Peggy and I have a bit more church reporting to do here in the States, and then we will return to Chile on October 11th. It will be wonderful to get “back in the saddle again”!

Thank you for your prayers and support, Friends.  May God richly bless each one of you.

Your Missionaries,

Dave and Peggy Disney