Dear Friends, here is an update on prayer requests mentioned in our last letter, along with some current news:

Bible Baptist Church, La Reina. Regarding the financial negotiations for the expropriation of our property and buildings for the new highway, the church received a very good offer from the authorities, but not enough to rebuild in the same area. Therefore, our national pastor has elected to challenge this through legal channels. We are currently searching for someplace to relocate, but have not found an appropriate site as of this writing. We trust in God, as He knows and will lead us according to His perfect path. Your prayers are much appreciated!

Five Member Churches of the Chilean Baptist Bible Corporation. Regarding the necessity for these churches to file for their own incorporation under new Chilean laws, all five of the churches in question are in the process of completing this task. One church has acquired incorporation status. A second church has filed their paperwork to the government and is awaiting approval. The last three churches have been working on their paperwork and will be trying to file this month with the proper authorities. Once this work is done, we will be able to take them out of the name of the Baptist Bible Corporation and get them in their own Corporation names. We appreciate your prayers for these churches.

Dave’s Health. Last month we were very encouraged with Dave’s health progress and with his new therapy. We hoped to possibly return to Chile before the end of the year. However, Dave had a setback with an infection that required special treatment and put him back where he had been by a month or two. Once his infection was cleared up he began to progress again; and even though he has not reached the level of improvement that we saw before the infection, there is a definite change for the better. He has been ordered to continue the therapy until at least the end of October. He will soon take his next PSA test, and he will see the doctor on October 14th. We have again reset our goal to return to Chile, now for the first week of January. Please continue to pray for a ZERO, for a complete recovery and that we can get back to the Field SOON!

GOOD NEWS. With the discovery of Dave’s cancer late last year, we have been on medical furlough here in the States. That meant coming to a complete stop as far as preaching, teaching and traveling. But in August Dave was invited to speak for the first time in an area church. It was such a blessing! And in the weeks since he has had the privilege of preaching a few times in our sending church, the First Baptist Church of Englewood, to the congregation, to the Jolly 60’s, to the teens and the children’s ministries. Our Pastor, Clifton Mizer, has invited him to speak a few more times in the days to come. Even though it is a physical challenge for Dave at this time, we are rejoicing in the wonderful opportunity and privilege! It is truly an HONOR to serve the Lord!

We can never thank you enough for your prayers, encouragement and support.

Honored to be Your Missionaries,

Dave and Peggy Disney