April – 2016

Dear Friends,

Once again we want to thank so many of you, our faithful prayer warriors, who have been so kind with your calls, visits, cards, email and Facebook contact since my radical prostatectomy surgery. We promised you an update as soon as I had my follow-up PSA exam, which we got back last Friday, April 15. We asked everyone to pray for PSA zero, and God so graciously considered our prayers, giving us a PSA of zero. We have been praising His Wonderful Name!

In the Biblical account of the children of Israel being delivered by God from their bondage in Egypt, they found themselves in the wilderness of Shur after having seen God miraculously part the Red Sea, giving them passage on dry ground to escape the rapidly approaching Egyptian army. After three days’ journey in that hot, dry Sinai Peninsula, they came to the waters of Marah and thirsted. They could not drink the water for it was bitter, but God manifested His presence to them once again when he showed Moses a tree to cast into the waters. When he did, the waters became pleasant to taste and sweet to drink.

God then gave a short discourse to the children of Israel, in which He said, “… I am the Lord that healeth thee.” (EX 15:26). The name He used to identify Himself there is, “Jehovah Rapha” which means “the Lord who heals.” That name was remembered many times throughout Old Testament history and is one which we enjoy as New Testament Christians as well. Peggy and I glorify GOD’S NAME for His work in my life at this time. We know His healing hand has touched this servant. The pathology results were not encouraging right after the surgery, but our God is still Jehovah Rahpa, the Lord who heals. We thank Him for PSA-zero.

No radiation therapy is necessary at this time. We are now in therapy to help with other issues related to the radical nature of the surgery, and we will take a follow-up PSA test in July.

Psalm 30:2: O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.

Your Missionaries,

Dave and Peggy Disney