MARCH – 2016

Dear Friends,

Because I am so overwhelmed with joy and love for so many of you and your response to our last prayer letter, I must begin with an expression of my deepest and heartfelt gratitude to you. I appreciate all of the prayers, emails, special phone calls, letters, cards, visits and well wishes from so many of you, our prayer partners and friends, during the past two months. And I know many of you have been waiting for news since our last letter. I certainly do appreciate your patience.


The day I received news from the biopsy report, my surgeon recommended a radical prostatectomy, which I had on Tuesday, February 23. I have been recuperating from that with all the obvious discomforts and after effects, but God is good, and we are dealing with each challenge daily. Five days after the surgery, word came back from the pathology lab report that the cancer had not been retained within the prostate (stage three cancer), which means I will most probably be undergoing radiation therapy pending my next PSA exam. We are praying for a “0” PSA reading which may eliminate the need for radiation treatments, but we know it is in God’s hands and all will be done according to His will and purpose. I had wonderful opportunities to testify to some of the hospital staff while I was there for my four-day stay and am praying that God’s Word and the salvation message they received will produce fruit for His kingdom. We are waiting only upon God and our expectation is from Him. (Psalm 62:5)


Meanwhile, our “flagship” church in Santiago will be entering into a new phase of her history with the new highway that will be built on the street that runs in front of our buildings. We will be losing much of the church property as well as the parsonage and offices. The highway authorities have negotiated with our national pastor and lawyers over the past four months, and we may have a favorable agreement with them to move our congregation to within a ten block area from where we are, which, in that prime location, will not be an easy task. But, we KNOW that our GOD is ABLE. Please pray that all will come together to the benefit of the church and glory to our Savior without major difficulties or legal complications.

Again, thank you all so much for your prayers at this time. We appreciate you!

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Your Missionaries,

Dave and Peggy