Friends, we are writing this letter on the 7th of January, and today we were going to be arriving back to Chile to begin our next term on the field. However, we were unable to travel.

In late December we went to the doctor to have our annual check-ups, and some abnormalities were discovered in Dave’s prostate. After getting biopsies taken, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. The doctor insisted that we remain in the States for surgery and immediate treatment.

On January 12th Dave will have an MRI to determine the extent of the cancer, and our prayer is that it will only be found within the prostate and then it can be removed. On the 14th, we will see the surgeon, and at that time he will give us the date of surgery and inform us of any other treatment that he feels will be necessary. We will not know how long we will need to remain in the States until this is completed and Dave is well enough to return to Chile.

We don’t need to tell you that this has been disturbing and that we are acutely disappointed that we were unable to be home today! The ten months that we have spent in the States have been full of blessings, visiting old friends, meeting new ones, seeing souls saved and young people surrendering their lives to full-time service. Our deepest desire is to get back to our ministry in Chile!

Please pray with us about this situation. If you would like to contact Dave directly in the days to come, you can reach him at: d.disney@icloud.com or at (303) 351-4107 or (303) 809-8734.

Our trust and faith is in the Lord. Glory to God!   –   PSALM 62:5-8

Your Missionaries to Chile,

Dave and Peggy Disney