November 2015

Dear Friends, here is our final Report for this Furlough:

Since our last prayer letter to you in September we have traveled to churches in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Idaho and back here in Colorado. We also had the joy of being able to speak last month at Heartland Baptist Bible College. These have been two very busy months, and we thank the Lord for His protection and guidance throughout the weeks. We are thankful for the opportunity to report to more of our supporting churches and for the blessing of presenting the ministry in Chile to a new church.

In this last trip we know of two adults who made professions of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and at least six young people make public their surrender to God’s will for full-time service. One young couple confirmed to us that God has called them to be missionaries to Chile.

In one church the pastor’s son was baptized in the Sunday morning service. Afterwards, the first thing that he did was come to us and give us a dime. He said that he wanted to give what he had to help the missionaries to Chile. We were so impressed! The very first thing that this young boy did after taking his first step of obedience to the Lord in baptism was to give a gift for world evangelization. May God bless his life and use him for His glory.

This is our last planned journey out of state, and now we are focused on resting and celebrating the holidays with our families.   We will soon be packing and preparing ourselves for the flight back to Chile, which is scheduled for January 6, 2016.

Thank you to all of you who received us, encouraged us, helped us along the way with your prayers and special love offerings and gifts. We will not forget the wonderful times that we had in your churches and in your homes.

We would love to visit with those of you who were not able to see us this year on our next furlough. It is our joy to be able to share God’s blessings with everyone who has had a part in planting churches in central and southern Chile for the last 33 years. You need to know that the fruit that the Lord has given there truly does abound to your account!

May the Lord richly bless you in this holiday season.

Dave and Peggy Disney

Your Missionaries to Chile