JULY – 2015

Furlough Report

Dear Friends,

It has been wonderful to visit churches in Wyoming and Colorado since our last prayer letter to you. We have been so blessed by the enthusiasm showed by those to whom we have made our reports!

One of the greatest blessings a missionary can receive is to hear young people say that their desire is to serve God as Pastors or Missionaries. In at least three of the churches we have visited we were approached by folks asking that we pray for God to lead them as they prepare to follow His call, perhaps even to Chile. What a joy! Please pray for these young lives.

The Lord is so good, and we are happy to report that funds for updating our computer equipment have come in. We are very close to being able to fulfill that need. Here are our specific prayer requests for the next few months:

  • Health, strength and protection as we continue to travel and report to our churches.
  • Prayer for the Bible Baptist Church of La Reina. They have run into challenges regarding the reception of the newly enlarged church auditorium, and there is still a possibility that the city may expropriate part of the church property.
  • Building funds for our newest church in Chiguayante. They are working hard to pay off the new piece of property that was purchased last year, and we are praying for help to begin construction as soon as possible.
  • We appreciate your prayers and support more than you know, and we pray that the Lord will richly bless each one of you as you continue to serve Him.

Dave & Peggy

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