January – 2015

Dear Friends,

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December 14th was a special day for this missionary family!  We were honored to participate in the dedication of the new Bible Baptist Church of Talca.  The original building was destroyed in the earthquake of February 27, 2010.  We can tell you that it is a huge challenge in a city devastated by such a tragedy to find architects, contractors, permits, materials, workers and funds to complete this sort of task!  It took well over four years and a lot of work.

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Dave preached the dedication services, congratulating the congregation with a challenge to remain faithful for God’s glory.  They have really sacrificed over the years, meeting in a tent, a truck container, open air, and a small rickety part of the original house that the earthquake left.

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They did much of the work themselves, and one member of the church, a professional welder, did all of the iron work at no charge. That alone saved the church several thousand dollars. Pastor Juan Quilodrán was key to this project with his tireless dedication.  Before beginning  the construction, Dave made several trips to Talca to help with the plans and meet with Pastor Juan, the contractor and two estimators.  The estimated cost came to nearly $90,000.   As Dave and Juan were leaving the final meeting, Dave told Juan that they had better settle in for a few more years until funds could be raised and workers became available.

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Juan said, “Pastor, have a little faith.  I believe we can do the project for half that.”  And they did. Total cost as of the end of 2014 was $44,000.00. Nearly half of that came from generous donations from U. S. churches.  The local church raised the remaining funds.  We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and donations for this beautiful project!

May the Lord bless you,  Dave & Peggy 

Please continue below for an important list of current Prayer Requests. 

  1.     Disney’s 2015 Furlough and Health: 

Dave had a biking accident two days after Christmas and tore ligaments in his right shoulder.  He had reconstructive surgery on January 9th and has been recuperating since that time.  Please pray that he will heal quickly and that we will be able to travel to the States by mid-February in order to fulfill our church visitation commitments.

Please pray for the meetings and mission’s conferences that we will be involved in throughout the year.  Our first conference is scheduled for February 25th.  May the Lord bless each church, and may He provide protection and provision for our travels.

Our old car here in Chile needs to be replaced with something a bit newer and more reliable.

 2.     Church Properties and Buildings: 

Several churches that we were privileged to help plant have several important projects that need funding.  Each of these congregations has been trained not to depend on outside help, and they are all industrious, hard-working folks.  But the Lord has touched the hearts of so many throughout the years to help expedite other projects, and we know that He will continue to do so for His glory.

  1. Talca:  They need to finish up important details on their new church building.
  2. Hualpén:  They are finishing up their new Sunday School building, and they are praying for provision to purchase a beautiful new camp property.
  3. Chiguayante:  They are our newest organized church.  It was a mission out of the Hualpén church, and they have purchased a piece of property on which to build.  They have acquired the property through loans, which will take four years to pay off, and only then will they be able to begin to try to raise funds for a building.  We pray that the Lord will provide funds to pay off the property and begin construction in the near future.
  4. La Reina, Santiago:  They are nearly completed on an enlargement project on the auditorium, and we are praying that the Lord will provide funds for new carpeting and better chairs to replace the well-worn wooden ones.
  5. Macul:  They are one of our fastest-growing churches, and their building does not have nearly enough room for their Sunday School.  They have room on the back of their property to build, they have a good plan, and they need funds.
  6. Los Angeles:  This is a mission off of the Hualpén church, and they are praying that the Lord will provide a piece of property on which to build a church.

 3.    Other Prayer Requests:

Hualpén:  Pastor Leonel has his hands full with the church, their missions and the Bible Institute there.  He also is the chaplain for the City Municipality and is involved in evangelistic projects such as the Americas Cup and others.  Please pray for wisdom and strength for this Pastor.

Los Angeles:  They are praying for growth and new workers.  Their lay-pastor, Pedro Flores, has a strong burden for their area, and has told us that there is a great need for new works, including the towns of Nacimiento, Negrete, Santa Barbara, Cabrero, Santa Fe and Alto Bío Bío (which is a sector of the Mapuches).  There is so much work to be done!