December – 2014

Merry Christmas from Dave and Peggy Disney

Chile, South America

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago we traveled to several different cities in Chile to visit with our national pastors and their works.  It was wonderful to see how the Lord is working the lives of people in each place.

Los Angeles… We visited with Bro. Pedro Flores.  His family moved to the area from Hualpén a couple of years ago to start a new church.  At present they meet in a local community center.  We had a good time of fellowship with this family on Saturday evening, and Dave preached in the Sunday morning services.

Pedro’s wife, Yenny, received the Lord with Dave as a child in one of our Summer Vacation Bible Schools in Hualpén.  Pedro began to attend the church not long after, and he was led to the Lord by Yenny.  Their music director, Alejandro, was also a young boy when he was saved at the Hualpén mission, and moved with his family to Los Angeles because of his work.  What a blessing to see these “kids” serving the Lord!

Hualpén… Sunday evening we traveled over to the Bible Baptist Church in Hualpén, and Dave preached in their evening service.  One dear lady made a profession of faith following the service.  It was a blessing to spend some time with Pastor Leonel and his family there.

Pastor Leonel has told us that the city is talking about putting a highway right through the church property!  This is a prime piece of property, and it would mean relocating and rebuilding the church.  Please pray about this!

Chiguayante… On Monday evening we visited with Bro. Gastón Dueñas and his family.  They moved a year ago to the area and began a new mission which has been steadily growing.  They now meet in a community center, but are purchasing a piece of property on which to organize the church.  Please pray that the Lord will provide the necessary funds to pay off this property and build a church!

Gaston’s wife, Claudia, shared her testimony with us about how she arrived at our little mission in Hualpén as a five-year-old girl.  How wonderful to see this “little girl” now serving as the pastor’s wife in this new mission!

Constitución… We were happy to spend some time with Pastor Gary Yantén and his lovely family from Constitución.  They are extremely busy with the church and three missions in nearby towns.

Chillán… We later visited with the family of Pastor Fernando Escobar.  Pastor Fernando has been instrumental in helping to form the mission in Bulnes, and it was a blessing to spend some time with him.  Please pray for the mission in Bulnes, which is under the leadership of Bro. Marcelo Varela.

Macul… We had a good visit with Pastor Tito Orellana and his wife from the Bible Baptist Church in Macul.  We mentioned a few months ago that this church is about to begin a construction on a Sunday School building.  Please pray that the Lord will provide for this wonderful project!

La Reina… The Bible Baptist Church of La Reina has begun construction to enlarge our auditorium.  We need the space, and Pastor Hugo Ulloa and his team have been working hard on these plans.

Talca… Finally, the Bible Baptist Church in Talca has invited Dave to preach the inauguration of their new church building in two weeks.  So many of you have prayed for and given towards this project since the earthquake of 2010, and in our next prayer letter we will be sending you photos of the finished project!

What a joy it is to serve the Lord!  May His blessings be on each one of you at this Christmas time.

Dave and Peggy Disney