October – 2014

Dear Friends,

There are two special things that we would like to mention to you this month.


Not all of you know that Dave has been dealing with some health issues these last few months.  He has struggled for years with back difficulties, and around July of this year the pain grew to the point that he had to seek medical help.  After trying some therapy, it was decided that Dave would need to have cortisone shots in his lumbar region, which was done on September 2nd.  Unfortunately, the shots given for the anesthesia gave Dave chemically induced meningitis, and for the last several weeks he has been dealing with the effects of that illness, including severe pain in his head and his neck.  After follow-up exams, the doctor told him that the meningitis appears to be diminished, but the discs in his neck show the same degeneration and osteoarthritis that are in his lumbar region.  Dave is now in follow-up therapy sessions and has been able to preach and teach for the last two weeks.


Pastor Hugo formed a team of evangelists from our Santiago church including himself, two Dentists, a Nutritionist, our Music Director, Sunday School Superintendent and some of our Sunday School Teachers who traveled to the southern town of Bulnes the second weekend of October to work with the new church there.  Other professionals from outside of our church went as well to assist in the work being done on a voluntary basis.  The Municipality of Bulnes cooperated with this effort, providing venues and a beautiful, large van that was outfitted for dental work.

On Saturday the team went to a local children’s home, formed by the Red Cross in Chile, where the dentists gave fluoride treatments and checkups to the children, and the nutritionist and a doctor provided consultations.  At the same time our teachers sang songs about Jesus and taught lessons from the Word of God.  The folks at the home were amazed that these highly qualified professionals would donate their time for these orphans!  They left the door open for our group to visit them at any time to help their children and to give their “Religious Reflections”.

 That evening the team drove over to a local neighborhood and repeated the whole process for families of lower income.  Again, the people there were thrilled that someone would spend their time and resources to attend to their physical and spiritual needs without charge.  Our Sunday School Superintendent led a lady to the Lord, and the next day the team made a follow-up visit on her in her home.  She had a history with the Pentecostal Methodist church, and she exclaimed that this was the first time that anyone had ever told her that she needed to receive the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior.

 On Sunday the team went to a main area of town and repeated the whole process, and many people were reached with the saving message of Jesus Christ.  In the church services later that day a visiting mother made a profession of faith in the Lord.  She returned with her husband on Wednesday evening, and he was saved!

 Please pray for the follow-up work being done by the Bible Baptist Church in Bulnes, Chile.  And please pray that the Lord will give Dave relief and healing strength in the days to come.  We are finishing up our projects for this term.  Dave completed his doctrine classes over in Viña del Mar this past weekend.  We have a few more special activities to complete in the next couple of months, and then we will head for the U. S. in January to begin our furlough. We do have some meetings and conferences scheduled.  If you would like us to report to your church while we are there please contact us.  Once again, we are grateful to God for our family of supporting churches!

Thank you, Friends!