August 2014

DISNEY’S Furlough in 2015.

Please contact us soon to receive a personal report!

Bible Institute Report:

CHILLÁN:  Dave was happy to teach Bible courses on Bibliology and Theology Proper to a group of 5 pastors of southern church ministries in July.  These are concentrated studies geared to better equip these men in their works.  We thank that church’s Pastor, Fernando Escobar.

VIÑA DEL MAR:  For the last few weeks and for several weeks to come Dave will be teaching Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts to a class of 23 for Pastor Jaime Solano.

Meetings and Conferences:

LA REINA:  We continue to preach and teach in our home church here in Santiago.  While Dave speaks regularly to the congregation, as well as to youth and Senior’s groups, Peggy continues to minister in junior church classes and ladies’ meetings.

CONSTITUCIÓN:  Dave spoke in a stewardship conference for Pastor Gary Yanten in July.

LAS CONDES:  At the invitation of Pastor Juan Friedli, we spoke in their Missions Conference in the month of August.

MACUL:  Peggy has been working to help prepare a lady of that church to teach Pedagogy to Sunday School workers.  That class will begin the first week of September.  Dave also spoke in their stewardship conference a few weeks ago.

Other Ministries:

LA REINA:  Plans to enlarge the building are accelerating under the leadership of Pastor Hugo Ulloa.  The city has planned for some time to widen the street in front of our church and turn it into a highway, which has kept us from being able to get permits to do any construction on our property site;  but because of delays in beginning work on the highway, they lost their permits to begin construction, which gave us a window of opportunity to get our permits to build.  This addition will give us a third more room in our building, so we are moving swiftly to begin construction!

There is never enough room here to write of all of God’s blessings and of all of the challenges faced throughout the days.  We are just so grateful for the honor of serving Him, and we are truly thankful to you for your prayers and support.  May God bless you!

Serving together,

Dave & Peggy Disney