June – 2014

Dear Friends,

We would like to begin with a reminder that we will be on furlough next year.  PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO VISIT YOUR CHURCH DURING THE YEAR OF 2015.  Now for the News…

Missions Trips:

In February we mentioned sending missions teams to some of the new mission works here in Chile.  Several folks were saved during those visits, and since then we have sent teams to revisit the missions in Los Angeles and Bulnes.  It is a joy to report that some of the new converts are still attending those missions, and two more adults were saved in Bulnes.

Training Seminars and Bible Institute:

Pastor Hugo’s wife, Marcela, took a modified version of our Pedagogy class for new Sunday School teachers to the church in Chillán and was able to present it to a group of new workers there. We require that anyone wanting to serve as a Sunday School teacher must first be discipled and then take a 13-week special course for Bible educators.  It is amazing how many Christians are not clear about the basic doctrine of the Word, and some are not even clear on their own salvation!  How important it is as missionaries to make sure that our churches are well prepared to carry on the work of the Lord!

Meanwhile, Dave has been preaching and teaching each week in the La Reina work, and he is now gearing up to teach doctrine classes in three Bible Institutes in different cities:  Viña del Mar, Macul and Chillán.  The Institute in Chillán is special, as it is being presented to young pastors of new works in the south, therefore the studies of that Institute will be more intensive.

Special Projects:

Pastor Leonel of Hualpén traveled with some workers to the north of Chile to attend a function as Chaplain of soccer teams here in Chile, and they were able to give a testimony of the saving grace of Jesus Christ on national television and present a Bible to the talk show host.  We are thankful for Pastor Leonel’s determination to spread the Word to everyone he meets.

A Special Word of Thanks:

 … to the Lord for His provision.  Our old car broke down and will take a month to fix.  We were blessed with a car loaned to us by a member of our church, and the church wants to help with at least part of the high cost of the repairs.  What a blessing when money is tight!

  … to each one of you, faithful Friends, for your prayers, your encouragement and your support.  Simple words cannot express how thankful we are!  May the Lord richly bless each one of you.

Dave and Peggy