April – 2014

Dave and Peggy Disney…CHILE…April, 2014


Our churches have projects in the works, and we would like to share some of them with you:

TALCA:  Peggy and I were there this past Monday and were so excited to see the roofing beams being put into place!  Pastor Juan Quilodrán has had to deal with so much delay and difficulties, but the construction is progressing.

MACUL, SANTIAGO:  Pastor Tito shared with us the other day the plans for a Sunday School building.  The church has grown from the original 70 members who were sent out of our main church in La Reina a few years ago to over 200 members today.  They need about $80,000.00 to complete this building.

CONSTITUCION:  Pastor Gary continues to work not only in the main church, but he is also busy with their three little missions in the pueblos of Putú, Santa Olga and San Ramon.  This church is much in need of a second floor in which to put classrooms.

LA REINA, SANTIAGO:  Even though we sent a large group of members over to Macul to help Pastor Tito start that work few years back, this church has grown once again and there is a need to enlarge our auditorium.  Pastor Hugo is working on the plans to begin construction sometime in the near future.

HUALPEN:  Pastor Leonel continues to work to complete the new Sunday School building to replace the one that was damaged in the 2010 earthquake. That church has paid for their auditorium and the basic Sunday School structure, but funds are still  needed to complete the inside.

Please pray for these churches and their pastors.  They are our “kids” and some of them have mission works, “grandkids” in surrounding towns and villages, and they need financial help for buildings and workers and materials.  Thank you for anything you can do to help.

God bless you, Friends!

Dave & Peggy

P.S.  –  We will be in the US in 2015.  Please contact us if you would like for us to visit your church.  –  Magic Jack Phone: 303-351-4107  –  E-Mail: d.disney@mi.cl