February – 2014


In December we told you about our upcoming missions project involving 6 teams ministering in several towns in the south of Chile.  In all 40 went from our church and 6 from the church in Chillán.  Although several of the workers are still out of town, we have received some news that we would like to share with you.

The Theme was “Descubre a Jesús” (Discover Jesus), and all facets of the ministry were designed to teach the visitors in each young mission work of the importance of understanding what the Bible teaches about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Here are some interesting highlights:

Bulnes:  Here our teams were able to present this work to a group of 150, and then later to over 400 people in another area of town.

Los Angeles:  Special ladies meetings were held, and there were 21 in attendance, including several Pentecostals and a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  At the lesson times, our teacher would begin to quote a verse, and several of the visitors could finish quoting the verse with her.  They knew verses of the Bible, but then were shocked to learn that it is necessary to RECEIVE the Lord Jesus as their Personal Savior.  The first lady was a staunch Catholic, who cried, saying that she had been searching for a way to draw close to the Lord her whole life, but had lost hope.  Now she has hope eternal!

Collipulli:  The Pastor of this little work acquired the use of a public field for the afternoon performance of the play that one team had prepared, but it had been raining and there was no electrical outlet to allow the use of the prerecorded music and dialogue.   It was almost time to start, and no one had come to see the play!  So our “missionaries” got to work.  Two of the ladies, dressed in their costumes of a parrot and a dog, drove around the neighborhood inviting folks to come.  Others of the group began to ask neighbors if they would allow them to plug into their home power supply.  Finally, at the last minute, one kind lady offered the use of her electricity, the skies cleared up, and more than 60 people showed up to watch!

Pidima:   Thank you for your prayers for protection!  While our team was working in this conflictive area, a group of subversives staged an attack nearby.  No one in our group was affected, thanks to the Lord.

Monte Aguila:  The team held a Daily Vacation Bible School, with at least one child receiving the Lord.  Two young teenagers asked one of our ladies if she could tell them about Jesus.  When she asked them what they would like to know, they replied, “Everything you can tell us!”.

Paraguay:  On Feb. 4th, two of our young adults traveled to Paraguay to minister there with Pastor Fernando from Chillán and a young man from Viña del Mar for the rest of this month.  Please pray for their safety and for blessed results.

SPECIAL NOTEThe Disneys will be in the US in 2015 to report to churches and raise new support.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like us to visit your church.  Thank you, and God bless each one.

     Dave & Peggy Disney

     Your Missionaries to Chile