December – 2013

Dear Friends,

 Exciting things are taking place here at the Bible Baptist Church in Santiago, as we have been preparing several missions trips for this coming summer.  Our plan is to penetrate and evangelize in some of the indigenous areas of southern Chile, known for the Araucaria, or Mapuche Indians.  Pastor Hugo has talked to authorities in the municipalities and schools in these remote areas to obtain access to reach others with the gospel message.  Many of the inhabitants of these places have had major confrontations with the Chilean government during recent years over land privileges and indigenous rights.  Some of these communities are so remote that they are not even listed on our maps!

 Here is an overview of the six places to which we are sending teams:

 New Places of Ministry:

  • Collipulli:  A town of approximately 22,500 inhabitants found in the Province of Malleco, it’s name means “colored lands” in the Mapuche language spoken in that area.
  • Pidima:  A community of around 700 inhabitants found in the 9th region of the Araucanía Chilena.  Their economy is based mostly on agriculture and forestry.
  • Caillín:  This is another small agriculture community and is found in the 10th region of Chile.  Not recognized as a town, it is described on Chilean maps as “Caillín Hill”.

 Recently Established Missions:

  • Los Angeles:  Capital of the Biobío Province, this city has around 190,000 inhabitants.  It is one of the fastest growing cities in Chile in the last decade.  A young couple out of the first church we planted in Concepción has taken the leadership role in this mission.
  • Bulnes:  Found in the 8th region, this city has over 20,500 inhabitants.  This mission was established in the parent’s home of a member in our Santiago work.  Their lay-pastor comes from the Bible Baptist Church in Chillán, which was established years ago by missionary Terry Fattig.
  • Monte Aguila:  Found between Bulnes and Los Angeles, this mission was established a few years ago through the efforts of the Bible Baptist Church in Viña del Mar, founded by missionary Arnie Smith.  It has a population of over 7,000 inhabitants.

 There are approximately 35 workers, designated into six groups, preparing to visit these places with Bible lessons, music, plays, handcrafts, and other activities.  They are being prepared by taking specialized classes in our church on cultural adaptation, missionary work and evangelism.  Please pray for their safety as they present the Word of God to the people.

 Thank you for your prayers and support throughout this year, and may each one of you have a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.

      Dave and Peggy Disney

      Your Missionaries to Chile