October – 2013

Dear Friends,

 We have been in Missions Month at the Bible Baptist Church of La Reina, Santiago.  A couple of weeks ago a guest speaker, missionary from Thailand, mentioned the millions of people who have never met a Christian before, many who have never even heard of Jesus Christ.  This sad fact is true throughout the world.

 In April we wrote about a young exchange student from New Zealand who received the Lord while talking with Dave on Easter Sunday.  Now this family has another New Zealander in their home who has been visiting the church the last several weeks.

 We have been praying for this young lady, and during a Chilean Independence Day celebration last month Peggy was thrilled to be able to lead her to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Now she has begun to read the Scriptures and learn more about the Christian life.

 On the day she was saved this young woman told us that it was here in Chile, in our church, where she first realized that she even had a spiritual need.  She said that in her own country there are few churches and no one she knows who really has a clear knowledge of God or the Gospel message.  How wonderful is the providence of God, bringing both of these young people to Chile where they would hear the salvation message and receive Christ in their lives.

 This reminds us of  Dave’s visit to our mission in Paraguay in July of 2001.  After preaching a message in the little church, a lady visiting from Japan made a profession of faith in the Lord.  We thought that was so wonderful that God would have that lady there just on that day to hear the Gospel message.  The lady was so excited that she couldn’t wait to get back to Japan to share her newfound faith with her family and friends.

 Is missions important?  Of course it is!  We need to be faithful to God’s call in our lives.  There are so many who need to hear, and there are so few willing to serve.

 Our church is missions-minded, and Pastor Hugo is planning more missionary trips and projects with our people in the days to come.  Meanwhile, Dave continues to teach doctrine classes in two different cities, has been preaching occasionally for a furloughed missionary in a third city, as well as continuing with his teaching responsibilities in our Santiago church.

 Please pray for provision, safety, health and wisdom in the days to come.  May God richly bless each one of our dear friends and ministry partners.  We appreciate you!

 Dave and Peggy Disney

Your Missionaries to Chile