August – 2013

Santiago Report:

  • The youth group held its annual winter camp in July.  This year’s theme was:  “Yield Not to Temptation”.  Lately we have seen some encouraging spiritual growth in our kids.
  • Two of our young ladies have surrendered their lives to full-time service and have begun their Bible Institute studies.
  • We sent a small group of workers to a new mission in Bulnes, a southern town of over 20,000 inhabitants.  They spent a weekend giving out sweets and teaching lessons to children about salvation in Jesus Christ.  80 children attended the classes and then on Sunday morning a total of 40 children with their parents attended the new mission work there.  Thank God for the several decisions of faith made during the week as well as on Sunday morning.

Hualpén report:

  • In spite of a big rainstorm more than 80 workers formed into teams and went out to the various missions in their area to hold colorful evangelistic services for the kids to celebrate “Children’s Day”.  Pastor Leo reported the following results:
    • Mission in Chiguayante:  67 visitors attended.  60 made professions of faith.
    • Mission in Medio Camino:  24 visitors attended.  10 were saved.
    • Mission in Los Angeles:  100 visitors attended.  43 made professions of faith.
    • Mission in Chol Chol:  84 visitors attended.  50 were saved.
    • Bible Baptist Church in Hualpén:  102 visitors attended.  Approx. 60 were saved.
    • Besides visitors, around 300 regular members attended these meetings.
    • Please pray for the following workers leading these missions in the south:  Mauricio, José Luis and Mabel, Gastón and Claudia, Jorge & Cecilia, Pedro and Yenny.
    • There are also two new projects to pray for:
      • One couple is making plans to begin a work in the small town of Florida.
      • A small group of members have started working in a neighborhood called “Chile barrio”, with around 50 kids attending services.  They are asking prayer for a piece of property where they might be able to establish a new mission work.

Please Pray:

  • Dave is presently teaching doctrine to a class of 20 adults in the Bible Institute located here at the Bible Baptist Church of La Reina.  Pray for these folks.  We truly believe that some of them will be future pastors and missionaries!
  • He will begin teaching in the Bible Institute at the Bible Baptist Church in Viña del Mar in September.  Pray for safety in his travels and for the extra funds needed for expenses.  Gasoline is well over $6.00 a gallon here, and highway tolls are very expensive.

We are so thankful for special offerings recently received for the new Sunday School Building in Hualpén, for the new church building in Talca, and for some special needs for your missionaries.  Friends, we can never thank you enough for holding the rope for the work here in Chile.  May God bless you!

Dave & Peggy Disney

Your Missionaries in Chile