June – 2013

Dear Friends,

Here are some of our activities since our last prayer letter:IMG_6701


IMG_6683Constitución:  Pastor Gary held an evangelistic campaign in which we preached and participated in street evangelism.  What a blessing to see six people receive the Lord as their personal Savior!IMG_6652


IMG_6643Talca:  We spent some time with Pastor Juan to see how the reconstruction was going on the church.  It is a thrill to see the ground cleared and work being done.  Since that visit, much has been accomplished.  We are grateful for each offering to help with this project, and we encourage our friends to continue to give as the Lord leads.

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La Reina, Santiago:  The Bible Baptist Church, where we have been ministering for the last several years, held services to officially place Pastor Hugo Ulloa in the position of Senior Pastor.  This is a historic event in this church, which was formed over fifty years ago by another missionary and is considered to be the “Flagship” of our Independent Bible Baptist movement here in Chile.  Now this wonderful church is a truly autonomous Chilean work.

Peggy and I continue to minister in the Bible Baptist Church of La Reina, but now have a little more freedom to help out in the new missions, as well as our other churches and in the various Bible Institutes.


IMG_6939Santiago:  On the first Sunday of this month, we held an afternoon English service for fourteen Filipino ladies who are living and working in Chile.  At the end of the service six ladies made professions of faith in the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

We appreciate you!

Dave & Peggy Disney