April – 2013

Here are a few items to report this month:


•  María Milagros is a lovely lady, a librarian, and she is a real blessing to all of us.  Now she is battling cancer, but she still prays faithfully for her unsaved family members.  A few weeks ago her mother came to visit me, and during her visit she made a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Sadly, afterwards, her husband became angry at his wife’s newfound faith and has forbidden her to come to church.  Please pray for this dear family.

•  Lucas is an exchange student from New Zealand.  He is living with one of our faithful families in the church.  On Easter Sunday we were chatting, and I asked him what he had learned here in Chile.  He said that he was not a Christian when he arrived, but that he would leave Chile a Christian.  I asked him if he understood what it meant to be a Christian, and he said that he thought it was believing in God.  So I explained to him that even the devils believe in God, and they are obviously not Christians.  He was surprised, and then asked the question that every preacher loves to hear:  “Well then, how does one become a Christian?”  So, we sat down together and went to the Scriptures, and Lucas received the Lord Jesus as his Savior!  What a joy!

•  Within a few days the members of this church will be casting their confirmation vote on placing Pastor Hugo in the position of Senior Pastor.  This is historic, as this church has always had a North American Missionary as Pastor.  We are excited to see the church finally become a truly autonomous Chilean Independent Baptist Church!


•  Pastor Leonel reports that, as Chaplain of many sports clubs and teams in the south, he has had the opportunity to minister in many areas.  His church in Hualpen has held campaigns with the cooperation of the municipality and the Mayor.  Leonel and his team passed out t-shirts, books and many Bibles over the last several weeks, even to the Mayor and a government delegate of the city, and they gave a Hebrew Bible to the Representative of the Jewish Community in Santiago.  Please continue to pray for the construction of their new Sunday School building.  Anyone who wishes to donate to this project, please mark your donation “Construction Hualpen”.


•  Pastor Juan and the church members have finally been cleared to begin construction!  It took three years from the date of the earthquake to wade through all of the legal work to get to this point.  This week the property is being cleared off and the lines are being marked for the new building.  Praise the Lord!  Please pray that the Lord will provide every need for this good project.  We still need funds to complete the church, as construction costs are very high because of the massive work that has had to be done throughout this area of Chile.  Materials and labor are at a premium, not to mention the piles of red tape to constantly finish.  Please mark any donations toward this building project as “Construction Talca”.


•  At the end of the month Pastor Gary is holding a revival campaign on evangelism.  I will be preaching messages on the end times over the weekend, and we will be spending time witnessing on the streets of the city.  Please pray for souls saved and for the Lord to touch the hearts of the people to serve Him with faithfulness.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

 Serving together,

Dave and Peggy Disney