February, 2013

Dear Friends,

The past six-month furlough passed so quickly!  Our plane landed in Santiago just two weeks ago, and we immediately were involved in church projects.

The day that we arrived, one of our oldest and most beloved members passed away.  Graciela served the Lord with such energy.  She had very little, and yet was well known for being an amazing prayer warrior, for taking every Bible Institute class that was offered, for making encouraging phone calls and visits, for going on more than one missions trip, and even helped one national pastor’s wife obtain her nursing degree.  As she had been ill for some time, we knew that when we left on furlough that there was a chance that we would not see Graciela again, so it was really wonderful to be able to participate in her home-going celebration.  She had always told us that her heart’s desire was to see her family saved and living for God.  We are so happy to report that the day before the funeral one of our ladies was able to lead Graciela’s niece to the Lord!  Even funerals can become celebration events!

In our August prayer letter we shared a few prayer requests for Leonel Espinoza, Pastor of the first church that we established in Hualpén, Concepcion.  Leonel has given us some good news, and we would like to mention just a few things.

  • The Mayor of Hualpen has asked him to take charge of the Office of Religious Affairs for that community.  Leonel is considering accepting this invitation.
  • The area soccer teams have named Leonel as the official Chaplain for their clubs.
  • The Bible Baptist Church of Hualpen sent forty members over to help get their mission in the suburb of Chiguayante started.  They held their first baptismal service and now they have seven new members.
  • The mission in the little town of Los Angeles recently baptized eight.
  • There are also new missions in Talcahuano and in Penco.

Please help us pray for the following needs:

  • The annual Pastor’s School that Peggy and I host each year at Camp Aculeo.  This will take place for five days, beginning February 25th.  We are grateful for the support and participation of Dr. Bill Smith each year in this endeavor.
  • The health of Pastor Gary’s wife, Loreto, in Constitucion.  She has been struggling with stress and pain in her joints for some time now.
  • Property for the mission in Chiguayante.
  • Funds for a new Sunday School building in Hualpen to replace the old one that they recently had to tear down.
  • A new mission to be started in Temuco by workers in the church in Hualpén.
  • The reconstruction of the church in Talca.

May God bless you.  We appreciate you!

Dave & Peggy Disney