Disney’s Furlough Report

October 2012

Dear Friends,

Since our last prayer letter we have been in meetings and mission’s conferences in eleven churches in five states.  It has been wonderful to visit old friends and to make new ones along the way.  This has given us the opportunity to report directly to these churches on our special projects related to the great Chilean earthquake of 2010.  Here is some updated information on these projects:


In July, just before leaving Chile for our furlough, we were so happy to be able to present Pastor Juan Quilodrán with a check that totaled around $20,000.00.  This money was given by churches in the States to Chilean Earthquake Relief Funds received by a few missionary families and entrusted to us as representatives of our Independent Baptist movement in Chile.

The new church building will most likely cost at least $60,000.00 to rebuild.  The members are working hard to raise funds, and they are doing as much of the work as they can themselves to save money.


Something amazing happened last month!  Pastor Gary Yantén and his wife, Loreto, were invited to come to the States to take part in one of our scheduled mission’s conferences.  This is the first time that one of our national pastors has been able to visit our home country, so it was very special for us all.

Just before traveling, the owner of the home that Pastor Gary has been renting for the last several years informed him that he was going to sell the home for around $40,000.00.  This was distressing to the Yantens, because housing is so difficult to find in this city that was so devastated by the earthquake.

But the Lord knows the need, and He had already prepared a way to alleviate this difficulty.  Pastor Gary was invited to preach in two of our supporting churches during his trip, and between the two churches a total of $18,000.00 was raised to help this family purchase their home.  This is a true answer to prayer!

Please pray for the Yantén family.  They are trying to sell a small piece of property they own in order to come up with the remaining funds needed to complete the purchase.


Pastor, any special offerings given toward the needs presented in this letter would be very much appreciated.  We have been advised that our clearinghouse, BBFI International, is now accepting online donations to missionary projects.  These donations can be given at www.bbfimissions.com.  Click on “Donate”, and then on “Give to Individual Missionaries”.  After clicking on “David Disney” the website will guide donors through the steps to be able to give direct offerings to the need in Chile.  Any special offerings for projects mentioned in our prayer letters should be marked “special” and with the name of the city or pastor to whom the funds are to be directed.

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement!

Dave and Peggy Disney

Missionaries to Chile