June – 2012

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to report on three different projects this month.

 #1:       Talca Project

            Pastor Juan has finally been able to obtain some of the necessary paperwork for the church there to be able to begin reconstruction on the building that was destroyed in the earthquake in 2010.  This has been such a challenge for this young pastor and his congregation!  Though the money raised through the Chile Relief Fund will not be enough to complete the building, at least we can get a good, solid start on it.  Thank you again to each one who gave.  If anyone would like to add to this construction fund, please just send your offering to the Disneys marked “Talca Project”.

 #2:       Project Paraguay

            In April we reported that Pastor Hugo made a trip to check on some of the churches and missions which he formed or helped as a missionary sent by our Santiago work.  He found one of the churches in great need of funds to make repairs on their building, buy chairs and to purchase an adjacent lot. Pastor Hugo felt a burden to help out in some way.  So upon his return we formed “Project Paraguay” right here in the Bible Baptist Church of La Reina, and our folks have raised nearly all of the money needed to complete the job!  Last week another one of our Chilean pastors traveled over to Paraguay to present that church with a surprise offering.  We are confident that our folks will complete the need, as this church has a great missionary heart.

#3:       Furlough Project

            We will be leaving Chile in August for a six-month furlough, and we are very much looking forward to seeing some of you.  Please remember to contact us at your earliest convenience if you wish to schedule us at your church.  Our goals are:

  1. To update everyone on the work here in Chile over the past three years.
  2. To visit churches in order to raise our support level and offset the increased cost of living and to help recuperate support that has been lost due to the economy.
  3. To present the continuing need of the church in Talca for their new building.

Dave and Peggy Disney

Your Missionaries to Chile

P.S.      Many of you know that our much-loved 1990 Chevrolet pickup truck, “Old Blue”, was getting along in years.  We dedicated Blue to the Lord the day that we bought it, and it has served faithfully through camps and construction and so many other projects.  Well, Blue finally went into retirement this month.  We miss our friend, and we thank the Lord for His wonderful provision and protection all of these years.  We pray that someday we might be able to purchase another pickup truck, and that it will last throughout the remainder of our missionary career!  Please pray with us for this possibility.