October 2011

Dear Friends and Partners in Prayer,

This month we would like to share an answer to prayer, as we are in the ministry of reaching souls together for Christ.

Miguel, a young business man here in Santiago, has been coming to our church for the past five months.  When he first came, he was as many people are when they, as their last resort, turn to God – carrying a burden and many challenges in his business, home, family and marriage.

That Wednesday night Miguel received Christ as His personal Savior and started coming to church every service.  He began praying for his wife and family.  He participated in one of our prayer circles with the men of our church as they prayed for other men and their families.

His wife and two children would come from time to time, but were always unresponsive to the gospel invitation.  Miguel was so burdened about them and their eternal destiny.  He continued coming to every service, learning to be a Christian example to his family and a faithful child of God.  The family began to come more often as they saw changes taking place in Miguel’s life.

Last Sunday night, Miguel came to me and said, “Pastor, my wife is ready.  Could you please talk to her about the Savior tonight?”  After services, Peggy and I spoke to Berta about God’s saving grace.  We explained that the same Lord and Savior who had saved her husband and had changed his life could become her Savior.  We asked if she would like to receive Him into her heart.  Praise God, Berta prayed the sinners prayer of faith and repentance and gloriously received Christ as her personal Savior.  Afterward she shared with us that a huge burden had just been lifted from her heart.  She had left it at the cross.

While we were gone all last week in meetings down south, we received a large fruit basket from Miguel and Berta in gratitude for leading them to their newfound faith in Christ.  Pray for this family as we continue to see them grow in the Lord and as we see the Holy Spirit working in the lives of their two young people too.

Lord bless as we continue to serve together,

Dave and Peggy