August 2011

Dear Friends,

Peggy and I first became acquainted with the neighborhood of Chiguayante in 1985 when we moved to Concepcion to start our first mission.  We met a man named Osvaldo, and he invited us to his home to hold Bible studies.  As sometimes happens, that family eventually lost interest in the study and chose not to participate in our newly formed mission.  The mission went on to become the Bible Baptist Church of Hualpen, which is now being pastored by Leonel Espinoza.

Gastón and Claudia have practically grown up in the Bible Baptist Church of Hualpen.  They married and had two beautiful children.  Gaston has served in the Chilean Navy, and both he and Claudia became very involved in the church.

In 2008, the church decided to begin an outreach effort to Chiguayante.  A small group visited the area and began a Bible study in a home there.  Over the past two and a half years the study has grown into a mission, and Gaston and Claudia Dueñas are leading the work for now.  The congregation is meeting in a Community Center called “Valle del Sol”, or the “Valley of the Sun”.

In a couple of weeks we will be preaching in a conference at the Bible Baptist Church of Hualpen, and we will have the opportunity to preach to the folks of the Bible Baptist Mission in Chiguayante.  We are thrilled to be participating, after so many years, in the evangelization of this town.  Please pray for this mission.


Serving together,

Dave & Peggy Disney