April 2011

Dear Friends, it is a joy to report some items of interest to you this month.

First, we were blessed at our annual pastor’s camp with the participation of 147 folks from 19 different churches. We learned a great deal from the lessons out of the book of Jude taught by Pastor Bill Smith.

Then, just this week we completed Phase 2 of our three-part “Earthquake Relief” project here in Chile. Here is an overview of this project, which began after the 8.8 Earthquake of 2/27/10:

  • Phase 1 included all of the rescue and relief efforts in the first weeks after the earthquake. This was accomplished in cooperation with the fellowship of churches in Chile and Argentina. This phase, with your help, also included repairs to our apartment.
  • Phase 2 was a 13-month long project called “Pastoral Support”, in which the churches here in Chile made deposits directly into our missionary fellowship account to help subsidize the salaries of our three most affected national pastors:
    • Pastor Gary’s home was badly damaged, and several of his members there in Constituci√≥n lost jobs or homes to the quake.
    • Pastor Marcelo, in Loncoche, had to move his church to a new place, as their rented building was damaged beyond repair.
    • Pastor Juan and his family in Talca lost their home and the church, and they suffered the losses soon afterward of their unborn baby and of Pastor Juan’s sister and his wife’s father. They also had to sell their car and a small family business.

Over the past 13 months we received deposits to our fellowship account from 19 different churches located from the northern city of Iquique, to the southern Island of Chiloé. We also received donations from a church in Spain. These donations came to a total of $4.494.000 pesos, valued at $9,362.50 dollars, which was divided equally to each of the 3 pastors. Additional offerings were given by others directly to these pastors, and some who were unable to give money helped with other needs, like cleanup work, or with food, clothing, water, and medical needs, teaching and preaching and with lots of hugs. Many gave anonymous gifts. Only the Lord knows all that was done. And our Chilean fellowship of churches is stronger as a result. Glory to God!

  • Phase 3 of this effort was mentioned in our last prayer letter. It involves using funds received from around the world to build the new church in Talca. Construction has been delayed, but we are still working toward breaking ground soon. We ask you to please continue to pray for this need.

Thank you for all that you have done, in prayers, through special gifts, and through your faithful support, to help in this ministry. May God bless each one of you.

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile