August 2010

Here are just a few updates that we would like to share from these past two months:

Earthquake Relief

Rev. Mark Hodges recently visited us from Winter Haven Baptist Church in Florida. We traveled south to visit the churches in Constitución and in Talca. Bro. Hodges preached in the Wednesday night service for Pastor Gary, and then on Thursday morning we drove over to Talca and found Pastor Juan and several of his church members working on the property of his fallen buildings.

Pastor Juan reports that he is busy working on the mountain of surveys and permits required in order to be able to get the plans drawn up for the new church. We are looking forward to the day when we can begin the reconstruction of the building.

To date we have received over $11,000.00 which has gone to repairs and construction for the Bible Baptist Church of Hualpén, the Bible Baptist Church of Talca, Pastor Gary’s home in Constitución, and on our own apartment repairs. At this time we have set aside around $15,000.00 of the remaining “Chile Earthquake Fund” receipts to help re-build the church in Talca. We also have a three thousand dollars set aside that has been designated specifically for Pastor Gary and his home.


Meanwhile, the work of preaching and teaching continues in Chile. Our National Pastors continue to report on souls saved and new missions being established.

Here in Santiago we have recently been involved in leading several folks to the Lord, including: Two teenagers in our July campaign; Wendy, an elderly lady who used to be a singer and dancer; Daniel, a teen from Armenia, who received Christ in his home; David, a young man engaged to be married; Rhaien, a young lady with Mapuche Indian roots; Hugo and Carmen, a middle-aged married couple; and just last week Pablo, a young man who attended a funeral at our church.

A young Filipino woman has been coming for several months, and she asked Peggy and me to visit a home on a Sunday afternoon where many fellow Filipinos come together on a weekly basis. We were privileged to share the Word of God with a group of around forty folks, and that day eight made professions of faith!

What a privilege to serve the Lord! Thank you for partnership,

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile