June 2010

We want to say “Thank you” to our friends for the love offerings to help with the Chile Relief Fund these past three months. We received all of the funds necessary to complete repairs on our apartment. After several days of scraping, painting and wallpapering, we were able to finish up a few days ago when our last crooked door was made straight. We thank the Lord for this great blessing.

Last week we traveled to the south to tour three of the most affected areas to see what progress has been made.Pastor Leonel, in Hualpén, showed us the foundations for their new Sunday School classes. We were pleased to be able to present him with gifts totaling over $4,000.00 to help with this need and with the rebuilding of the wall that fell on one side of the property.

After leaving Hualpén, we headed over to Constitución to spend a couple of days with Pastor Gary’s family. It was a blessing to be involved in a Saturday evening Bible study in a home in a nearby town, Santa Olga, and to be in the church services on Sunday morning. Pastor Gary is still living in his damaged rental home, but it is holding for now. We are still praying that the Lord will show him a better place to live, one that will be affordable. And he is also asking for prayer for a used car to replace his now broken-down vehicle. During our visit we were able to present this pastor with funds to help supplement his family needs.

Finally, we drove over to Talca. Even with all of their struggles, Pastor Juan and his dear family are always thanking God for His blessings and have smiles on their faces! That evening there was no church service. The electricity had been off on the church property since the earthquake, but we found out that the power was turned on the night before. So the next Sunday evening services were scheduled to begin. The pastor gave us a tour of the property. A circus-type tent has been put up on the back of the property, and they are using a couple of rooms that were not demolished when the house and church were taken down. This church, by far, needs the most help, and we have promised to give as much as possible with the reconstruction of the church. Please continue to pray for Pastor Juan and his family. They have had to sell their little car to pay off some debts, and the public transportation does not run the whole distance between their little home and the church.
Friends, it’s a joy to serve the Lord here in Chile, and we appreciate each one of you for the way you have blessed our hearts!

Serving together,

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile