September 2009

Dear Friends,

There is a popular saying here in Chile that goes something like this: “If we can just survive August, we’ll be fine.” August is usually the worst part of winter, and that is when more folks are down with colds and flu than any other time of the year.

Both Peggy and I have been down with bronchitis this month – myself twice! Many of you have written or called to let us know that you have been praying for our health, and we certainly do appreciate it. We are, indeed, thankful to have survived August.

Meanwhile, the work goes on, and wonderful things have happened since our last letter.

I was invited to participate in a weekend family campaign in Constitución with Pastor Gary Yantén. It was a great blessing to be able to teach the youth classes and couple’s classes and to preach in the church all day on Sunday.

On Saturday, during the campaign, a group of twenty-three young people and married couples hit the streets and witnessed door-to-door. Twelve people made professions of faith that day. What a joy to see how the Lord is working in that southern city! On Sunday afternoon I made some hospital visits with Pastor Gary. As I was visiting and praying with one elderly saint of God, we praised God together as Gary led an elderly man to the Lord who was in the next bed.

Also, this past month, we have been pleased with the progress of our work here in the Bible Baptist Church of Santiago. Two weeks ago we baptized three new members and had another lady join by letter. Then last Sunday we celebrated our church anniversary. We had our largest attendance of the past three years!

It is marvelous to be a part of these growing works. We can never thank you enough for your prayers, encouragement and support. May God richly bless you for your part in the ministry here in Chile, South America.

Serving together,

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile