July 2009

Dear Friends,

These past few weeks we have been thrilled to see how the Lord is working in Chile.

We have a very active youth group, and two weeks ago eight people made professions of faith during a Sunday afternoon evangelistic outreach in the park.

VBSThen, last week Pastor Hugo took a group of the young people to the mountains for a three-day winter camp. The young people witnessed to the guide at the mountain refuge where they were staying, and he received the Lord as his Savior!

VBSDuring that same week, Peggy and I traveled south to Hualpén to take part in a conference. It was exciting to be back in our “old neighborhood”, where the Bible Baptist Church of Colón was planted over twenty years ago, and we had a great time of fellowship with Pastor Leonel Espinoza, Pastor Gary Yantén, Pastor Juan Quilodrán and others. Hualpén is an industrial area, with petroleum, lumber, coal and steel plants, and it is full of dilapidated apartment buildings, small houses with tin roofs and tiny shacks. The streets are still mostly dirt, and are full of stray dogs, kids playing soccer, horse carts, old buses and so many people in desperate need of the Savior.

VBSWhile we were there we hit the streets to visit and witness, and twenty-two people made professions of faith. In the picture to the right, we are leading an elderly man, Ranufo, to the Lord.

VBSPeggy and her team spent some time with a young mother named Daniela. Tears ran down her face as they witnessed to her. She wasn’t ready to receive the Lord at that time, but invited the ladies’ soul winning team to return soon.
There are so many who need the Gospel message in Chile. Thank you for your prayers and support for this work!

Serving together,

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile