May 2009

Dear Friends,

A Furlough Experience:

During one of our mission’s conferences we met Mike, an argumentative and rebellious twelve-year old. We learned that he was often angry, picking fights with other kids on the church bus and had even broken a window with his head! On Wednesday evening Mike arrived on the bus, but he stubbornly refused to enter the auditorium. He sat in the front hall with his head down. Dave noticed what was happening, pulled out one of his little jewel sticks (an illustrative trick), held it under his head and asked Mike “What do you see?” Mike grudgingly muttered, “a diamond”. Then Dave waved the little stick and another “diamond” suddenly appeared. The boy’s eyes flashed in curiosity and he asked, “How did you do that?” Dave only said, “Come into the auditorium and you’ll see much more!” Mike got up and went inside, and that evening Dave had him help with another trick during the service. All of the children heard a clear presentation of the Gospel message through those illustrations. The boy left happy and returned to church on the bus Sunday morning.

That Sunday morning Peggy met a young girl named Lindsey and her friend, Stormy. Lindsey was curious about the missionaries. She asked if we spoke Spanish in Chile, and then said that she had lived the first ten years of her life in Costa Rica. So she and Peggy had a good time speaking in Spanish for a few minutes. When Peggy asked Lindsey if she was a member of the church she said, “No, I’m a Catholic”.

These things always give us wonderful opportunities to pray for these little ones. The good news is that at the invitation time, Mike, Lindsey and Stormy went forward for salvation!

A Message From Chile:

Pastor Leonel wrote to tell us that he has celebrated twenty years with the first church that we were honored to establish, the Bible Baptist Church of Hualpén, Concepción. Their new auditorium was full, and more than fifty visitors made professions of faith that day.

We are thrilled at the privilege of taking part in the services of many churches throughout the United States and Chile, and we are witness to the wonderful work being done in so many places. God is answering prayers and honoring the labors of His people. This is a great encouragement to us!

A special thank you is sent to all who have allowed us to spend time with you during these past months. May the Lord richly bless as you minister for His glory.

Serving together,

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile