March 2009

Dear Friends,

Since our last prayer letter we have been reporting to churches in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Wyoming, and in the next few weeks we will finish up this furlough traveling to Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, California, Utah and back to Colorado.

It has been a joy for us to reacquaint ourselves with many special friends from years past and to meet many new friends who are excited about world missions. The churches we have visited have been a tremendous blessing to us, and our hearts have been warmed as we see God’s people enthused about His work and involved in the Great Commission.

Reports from Chile have also been encouraging. Pastor Pedro reports 6 people baptized with 20 to 25 people attending the new church on the Island of Chiloé.

Pastor Hugo will begin Institute classes at the Bible Baptist Church in Santiago with 22 students signed up to attend.

A record number of 162 attended the Pastor’s School at Camp Aculeo in March with Dr. W. L. Smith teaching on current events on the Middle East related to Biblical Prophecy.

We will be back in Chile on May 13th. Thank you for your prayers as we are on the road and in the air.

Serving together,

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile