November 2008

Dear Friends,

Francisco BaptismTears ran down his eyes as we congratulated him on his baptism a couple of weeks ago. We had asked Francisco his age, and he told us, “I’m ninety years old, and finally I’m clean!” Our newest member had recently trusted in Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior, and he has been coming to church with a huge smile on his face ever since!


Tommy BaptismTommy is ten years old. He was baptized the same day and was so excited. He has been saved for a little longer and has been waiting for the day of his baptism with great anticipation. When his father went to give him a congratulatory hug, he burst into tears of joy.

Maria BaptismMaria Milagro is a sweet lady – a librarian – and was thrilled to be baptized after her recent conversion. She has already asked if she could be involved in some ministries at the church and has offered to help out with January’s Summer Vacation Bible School.

Juan and Aurelia BaptismJuan and Aurelia were baptized as well. Juan received the Lord awhile back, but it took a little longer for Aurelia to make her decision, as she was a strong Catholic. They have beento every service together lately, and she is already very burdened for the salvation of her family members.

Carlos BaptismCarlos is a silversmith. When he arrived at our church he was pretty rough-looking, long-hair and a tough demeanor. But when he received the Lord his whole life changed. After being baptized at the beginning of the service the other day, he quickly got into his suit and tie and stood in the door way, directing people to their seats and clutching his new little Bible. He wept with joy that evening as he took, for the first time, the Lord’s supper as a new member of the church.


Patricio BaptismPatricio is a middle-aged man, very quiet, who has been coming for several months. But then he received the Lord as his own Savior, and after his baptism his smile was radiant.

In all, seven folks were baptized the other day, and two ladies joined the church by letter. This was one of the most moving services we’ve had lately, and we wanted to share it with you.

Your prayers, support and encouragement mean so much to this work. Thank you for “holding the rope”!

Your missionaries,

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile