January 2008

Dear Friends

In December we wrapped up our fourth-year Bible Institute classes and celebrated our first graduation. Three men, from three different area churches, graduated with honors. It was a real joy to participate in their education, and we are looking forward to seeing how the Lord is going to continue to use them in the years to come.

This month just finished our “Summer Vacation Bible School”, and it was great fun! This year we had sixty-two kids show up. Each day, without fail, kids made professions of faith. Twelve children and one mother made salvation decisions.

This year we were glad to have the participation of Pastor Hugo and his wife, Marcela. The Ulloas have moved back to Santiago after living and working among the Guaraní Indians in Paraguay for the last six and a half years. They felt the need to return to Chile for a couple of reasons. First, their oldest son, Esteban, is now of school age, and all of their efforts to find a place to educate him were unsuccessful. There are no accredited schools in Mbuyapey, and the government would not accept homeschooling options. Secondly, it seems that the Lord has closed the door on that area, as all of their latest efforts to evangelize the people have been thwarted by the very hostile Catholic Church. The priests would often broadcast on their radio programs that the Baptist Church was a cult and that they were going to poison the children at the services, and several times the Ulloas have been in great danger. Although they did have converts, they were usually persuaded by others to distance themselves from their newfound faith. Many have fallen back into their carnal lifestyles.

It has been very difficult for Hugo and Marcela, as they have worked so hard these last years. But they are far from quitting! They remain in contact with some of the folks in Mbuyapey, and they hope to visit from time to time. Meanwhile, they are working hard in their “sending church”, and Pastor Hugo is often called upon for Evangelistic Campaigns in various churches in Chile. Please pray for the future of this tremendous family and for the Guaraní people of Paraguay.

Also, please pray for Pastor Pedro Curimil and his family. They plan to make the move at any time from our church to the tiny island of Chiloé in the south of Chile. Pray that the Lord will provide their needs, mostly support and housing. They have raised support from several Chilean churches, and they have contacts on the island to start Bible Studies upon their arrival.

May the Lord bless each one of you in 2008!

Serving together,

Dave and Peggy Disney
Your missionaries to Chile