April 2007

Dear Friends,

Summer is officially over, and we are thrilled about God’s great blessings.

In January we had a terrific family camp. People of all ages attended, and the teaching, preaching and fellowship were wonderful.

At the end of February we hosted our annual Pastor’s School and Retreat, with Dr. Bill Smith as guest speaker. There were ninety-nine pastors, along with their families and principal workers in attendance.

In March we held a three-day evangelistic campaign at the church. Pastors and members of other area churches were invited, and Pastor Leonel Espinoza came from Hualpén as guest preacher. Each day, after the morning classes, groups of folks went out into a different area of our neighborhood to do door-to-door witnessing. Many have said that this area is too difficult to reach, or that door-to-door visitation no longer works in this day and age. However, after three days of visitation, twenty-four neighbors had made professions of faith!

The last two weeks we have been concentrating on re-visiting those who made professions of faith, inviting them to come to the church and offering to return to their homes to hold Bible Studies.

We believe that the Lord is directly blessing our church as a result of the faithfulness of His people in carrying the message of salvation in Jesus Christ to those beyond. Since we began this campaign, we have seen an increase in attendance, many new visitors to the church (yesterday there were nine), and new professions of faith in our services.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for this ministry.

Serving together,
Dave and Peggy