January 2007

Dear Friends,

What a busy summer! We would like to report on three major events since our last prayer letter:

  1. We have moved! For the last fifteen years, we have lived in the house next door to the Bible Baptist Church here in La Reina, Santiago. At the end of November we were able to move into a nice, new apartment about six miles away. This is a real blessing, as it affords us more privacy and security; and for the church it is just wonderful to have the additional space over at the house. We have already integrated the house into our summer activities, and have plans to adapt it for offices, meeting rooms and a caretaker residence.
  2. On Saturday, January 6th, we had the privilege of ordaining Francisco Villalobos into the ministry. He and his wife, Tania, have taken a church up north in La Serena and are doing a fine job there. Francisco is the sixth young man we’ve had the honor of ordaining, and we pray that the Lord will allow us to ordain and send out others before our task is completed.
  3. Vacation Bible School was a real blessing this year. It was held the second week of January. Sixty-three kids came during the week. Twenty of them made professions of faith. Two moms also made professions of faith. Three new families came that Sunday as a result, and they have expressed a real interest in knowing more about the church and what we teach. Please pray for us as we continue to do our follow-up work.

There is still much to do before the summer ends. Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement on behalf of the work here in Chile.
Dave and Peggy