September 2006

Peggy spent last week at a pastor’s wives conference in Hualpen (Concepcion). Pastor Leonel and his wife, Patricia, hosted the event. Patricia taught lessons that were specially designed for the minister’s wife, and several members of the church received the ladies into their homes, cooked, cleaned, and worked as guides and attendants. This church is well known for it’s hard-working members.

Pastor Leonel has been leading his folks in a concentrated door-to-door evangelistic effort over the last several weeks. The men visit every Saturday and the ladies on Tuesdays, rain or shine. They are reporting some tremendous results. New families have been showing up for Sunday services.

Please pray for the church in Hualpen. They are still working to complete their new auditorium. They desperately need the space! What a joy!

The Bible Baptist Church of Macul is nearly a reality. Every Saturday those folks who are planning to leave our Santiago congregation are spending hours in their new building, painting, repairing and preparing the building for the first services in November. Please pray that this change-over will be as unstressful as possible for both churches. And please pray that the Lord will lead Pastor Tito in a very clear manner and give him wisdom in his first steps as Pastor of the new church.

We’re making plans for next year’s Bible Institute. Our desire is to begin teaching two year’s worth of classes each year. Please pray that we will be able to continually improve the quality of this educational source for our workers.

Please pray for these pastors: Tito Orellana (Macul); Hugo Ulloa (Paraguay); Leonel Espinoza (Hualpen); Gary Yantén (Constitucion); Juan Quilodran (Talca); Pedro Curimil (future work, possibly on Chiloe Island). And please pray for these young couples who are new to their works: Francisco and Tania (La Serena); Pedro and Jenny (Peñuelas).

Finally, please pray for your missionaries as we endeavor to do the best we can in this great work. Please pray for our health, for safety and for wisdom.

Thank you for your prayers!

Serving Together,
Dave and Peggy