July 2006

Dear Friends,
The Bible Baptist Church is in full swing with preparations for the establishment of our new work in Macul, a southern suburb of Santiago. This involves preparing the hearts of our people to be willing to support this mission in several ways: with physical labor (painting, plumbing, general repairs), with financial support (for a period of time to be determined), and for some families, with their willingness to become members of the new mission. Some of our families have already made their decision to go and work with Pastor Tito.

Because we know that we are going to lose some workers here in the “mother” church, we are already busy re-structuring the Sunday School and Junior Church classes. Peggy just finished up teaching a 13-week Pedagogy course to prepare new teachers. We had 15 adults graduate the class, and they will become regular workers in both churches.

Please pray for this ambitious endeavor. We have set the official date for the first services in Macul at November 5th.

We would also like to ask that you pray for Pastor Hugo and his wife, Marcela, in Mbuyapey, Paraguay. Pastor Hugo has some health problems related to ulcers, and Marcela is expecting her second child. Any health issue is greatly complicated when living so far from modern medical facilities. Please ask the Lord to protect them and provide their every need. This is a special family, hard-working and dedicated to the Guarani people.

Thank you for all of your help and support. It is so greatly appreciated!

Serving Together,
Dave and Peggy