May 2006

Dear Friends,
Last Sunday was a LANDMARK DAY at the Bible Baptist Church in Santiago. We announced to the members our intention of establishing a NEW CHURCH directly out of this one!

Before giving you more details on this work, let us mention just a few things. In the fourteen years that we have been working in Santiago we have had the honor of helping to train and send out four new pastors, and at this time we have two ordained pastors and an institute student attending and working with us. Peggy and I have felt that the Lord has given us a clear mission: to maintain this work as a strong, conservative, missions-minded center in Chile. Our goal is to continue to help prepare and send men out into different regions of this continent to establish new churches.

Pastor Pedro left his previous work last year to deal with some personal challenges in his life and to become a member of our church, and is now setting his sights on Chiloe Island. This is the largest island located in Northern Patagonia. The Jesuit order decided to make this corner of the earth their special responsibility and planted over two hundred churches. It is a place steeped in mythology, legends of trolls, sea monsters and ghost ships, and there are monuments to a variety of gods. The need is great, and we are praying that Pastor Pedro will be able to establish a work sometime in the future. This week he and his wife are on a survey trip of that area, and we would really appreciate your prayers on their behalf.

One of our Bible Institute students, Pablo, is Pastor Pedro’s son. He has felt the call of his life to become a pastor and move south with his parents to help establish the work on Chiloe Island.

Pastor Tito has been on staff with us for several years. He has done a tremendous work in this church, and we are thankful for his ministry. Last year we began to fervently pray for the Lord’s leading for the future of the church, and few months ago Pastor Tito informed us that he has felt the Lord’s call on his life to plant a church in the neighborhood of Macul which is near his home. So last Sunday we announced this new project to our members. We are going to spend the next few weeks praying that the Lord will confirm this work in all of our hearts and that He will provide every need.

Please pray with us for the Macul work and for Pastor Tito, for his family and for those members of our church who may be accompanying Pastor Tito in this new endeavor. This is the first time that we are actually dividing a church in order to multiply, and we need God’s wisdom and direction every step of the way! Thank you for your prayers!

Dave and Peggy