January 2006

Dear Friends,

We are just going into the second week of January. This is another year, and there are ever more opportunities to serve the Lord. What a joy it is!

Pastor Hugo Ulloa and his family returned to Paraguay last week after a short furlough. With the help of a national pastor there in Asuncion, the Ulloas were able to immediately purchase a wonderful Mitsubishi crew-cab, four-wheel drive pickup truck. It is a few years old, but we are trusting that the Lord will keep that truck in good shape for years to come!

Once again, thank you SO MUCH to those of you who helped with this important need.

A few weeks ago Pastor Tito Orellana and his wife, Claudia, travelled to Arica, a city in the far north of Chile, to spend a few days there with a group of folks who have wanted to have a good, fundamental Baptist church to attend in their own city. They had visited our church here in Santiago, liked what they saw and asked if we would go and help them. So we sent the Orellanas to teach these folks in a seminar-type series of meetings in which they reviewed church organization and doctrine. On Sunday the little group of Christians proudly hung a sign up over their little building, “Bible Baptist Church”.

There is still a lot to be taught to these folks. It’s not easy to form a new church from such a long distance. Please pray for the leaders of this mission. Pray with us that we will be careful and wise in the way that we guide them in this endeavor.

Pastor Gary and his family are still praying about that possible camp property in Constitucion. They have leased the property with an option to buy. If you would like to have a part in the purchase of this property, please remember to mark your love gift “Constitucion Project”.

Friends, there is more work than ever to be done for the glory of God! We are ever grateful for all that you have done and do to support the ministry here in Chile and in Paraguay. May His blessings be on you as you serve there in your own home city and around the world.

Serving together,

Dave and Peggy Disney