July 2005

Dear Friends,

The Bible Baptist Institute has finished first semester classes, and we are now enjoying our winter break. This year we introduced Pedagogy I to our students. This class was attended by twenty-seven students from seven different churches.

During the semester, we gave special attention to the section on “How to Lead a Child to Christ”, and showed the students how to use Bibles, tracts, lessons and the Wordless Book in their witnessing. One of their most important assignments was to take their Wordless Books and tracts, witness to a child or group of children and then write a report about their experience.

As the weeks passed by, the reports began to come in. Some of the students told us that as they shared the Gospel message with the children, they began to experience a tremendous burden for the souls of these little ones. Prayer requests came in for those children who did not respond to their witnessing. However, many of the students began to tell us about children who had received the Lord as their Savior!

By the end of the semester the students reported twenty-two children and two adults had made professions of faith. Then, at the end-of-semester dinner, another student shared that he had personally led seventeen others to the Lord by using his Wordless Book.

One of our students, Cesar Paz, was unable to attend classes during the last two months. He and his family were sent out by his church to help start a new mission in the town of Collipulli. So he finished his class via internet and by travelling back to Santiago to take his tests. We were thrilled to receive his e-mail report about how he had led Eric, a twelve-year-old boy, to the Lord by using the Wordless Book. This was Cesar’s first official convert in the new mission!

Friends, just a couple of weeks ago, Cesar’s four-year-old son, William, suddenly took ill with menengitis. He passed away a few days later. We ask you to pray for the Paz family in this sad time, and pray with us that the Lord will strengthen them and give them the courage to continue in the work in Collipulli.

These are tremendous times of testing and faith. May God bless each one of you for your part in the ministry here in Chile.

Dave and Peggy