March 2005

Dear Friends,

Here we are, back in Chile since the 16th of February, and we truly hit the ground running!

Our first few days were spent in getting the house and our office in some semblance of order, meeting with our staff and in getting reacquainted with the church – both old and new members. It’s always wonderful to come back and meet new Christians! Their enthusiasm is contagious.

On February 28th we began our five-day pastor’s school with Dr. W. L. Smith as our teacher. This annual event is extremely important to our pastors and missionaries, and we thank God for the opportunity to serve each year as hosts. This year was particularly special, as Dr. Smith taught a series of lessons on purity in the ministry. Even though we limited participation to only ordained pastors and their immediate families, we still had an attendance of nearly eighty.

Then on Sunday, March 6th, Dr. Smith was guest preacher in the church here in Santiago. Two adults made professions of faith that day.

The following Sunday, Peggy and I were invited to participate in an organizing service for the mission in Algarrobo. This mission was started by members of our church a few years ago. They had moved to the coast, where there were no Independent Baptist churches nearby, and decided to hold Bible Studies in their home. As the study grew, they asked for our help and the help of another sister church in providing guidance and speakers. The study officially became a mission of our churches.

Last December a new missionary family, the Thompsons, moved to Chile and took on the challenge of forming this mission into a church. What a joy it was to be a part of that blessed service! Now the little mission is called the Bible Baptist Church of Algarrobo.

We are still working through the challenges that we have with Dave’s back, but His grace is sufficient! There is much to do! Thank you for your participation in this ministry and for your continued prayers and support.

By the way, please note our new e-mail address listed above. Several e-mails were lost through our old address. If we didn’t answer your e-mails, it’s because we didn’t receive them. Please contact us if we can be of service to you in any way.

Serving Him,

Dave and Peggy