Dear Friends,

Peggy and I have been very busy since our last letter to you.  These past two months, God has answered prayer in several areas of our ministry, and we are praising Him for each blessing.  Here are a few praises and requests:

Bible Institute Classes:  This past week we were able to complete classes on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit at the Bible Baptist Church of Macul which is under the leadership of Pastor Tito Orellana.  There were 35 folks signed up, but 42 actually ended up finishing the course!

Graduation of Chilean Pastors from Seminary:   In years past we have taught doctrinal classes in the Baptist Seminary to three of our southern national pastors with the goal of increasing their Bible knowledge.  Last month I participated in three days of finals given to these men, and then, this past week, they all received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony in Santiago.  Congratulations to Pastors Fernando Escobar, Pedro Flores and Juan Quilodrán, for their hard work and dedication in furthering their education.

Expropriation of Church in La Reina:  We have been informing you for several months of the impending expropriation of our church property in La Reina, Santiago.  Pastor Hugo Ulloa has worked diligently to resolve this issue with the contractor and government officials, and in just the past few weeks it appears that a resolution has finally been reached.  The church is to remain on the original property.  Part of the building will have to be cut off, but a third floor is to be built to help make up for the lost space.  The parsonage is to be demolished and that land will be converted to a parking area.  And the authorities will replace the present parsonage with a home about two blocks away.  This is such wonderful news!  This highway project is enormous, and while the agreement has been reached, there are so many factors involved that could change things.  Our prayer request for this project is that all will go as agreed upon and that the work can be completed within the next few years.  Meanwhile, there are several new families joining the church, many of them young married with their small children.  What a blessing!

Expropriation of Church in Concepción:  We haven’t mentioned much to anyone that we were also told awhile back that our first church, the Bible Baptist Church of Hualpén, had also been advised that the frontage of their property was also going to be expropriated.  While we were in the States in September we were informed that we needed to send important paperwork to Chile immediately because a settlement had been reached.  As President of our Baptist Bible Corporation, I had to get to the Chilean Embassy in Los Angeles and sign some papers, which I did in September.  Once we returned to Chile, I traveled to Concepción with our lawyer to finalize the task.  Pastor Leonel Espinoza will hopefully be able to use these funds to purchase an adjoining piece of property for the church.

Church Independence Project:  Many of you remember that we have mentioned this project several times.  It is now time to complete this vital missionary task.  Five of several churches founded since the 1950’s by Fundamental, Independent Missionaries need to have their properties and buildings transferred from the name of the original missionary corporation over to their own individual corporate names.  This has been a real job.  In recent years, Peggy and I have been able to complete the task on two important churches.  Five churches remain.  In these last two months, we have been able to complete the work on the Bible Baptist Church in Las Condes, Santiago.  The final documentation is to be issued sometime in February 2018, and that church will become truly independent.  That leaves four churches, located in Chillán, Talca, Constitución and Concepción.  Three of those churches now have their own corporations, and three weeks ago we accompanied a team of accountants from our La Reina church to Talca to meet with their pastors and key staff to teach them their new accounting systems and encourage them in their independence projects.  They are all working to raise the funds for the legal cost of all of this, and we have committed to help them financially as we are able.  We would appreciate you making this a matter of prayer.

Please pray for these churches and for their amazing pastors!  We cannot describe to you what an honor it is to have had a part in their spiritual lives and training and helping establish them in tremendous ministries.  Peggy and I are truly thankful.

May the Lord richly bless you in this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year to come.

Dave and Peggy Disney